Best New Jersey Social Media Platforms to Help Promote a Business

Social media runs the world now and no millennial can be oblivious to that. The first recognizable social media was created in 1997, but, that seems like forever, compared to how social media is overpowering the world of today, especially in New Jersey. There has been various studies and researches about Social Media in general, how it affects the new generations behavior, social interaction, social media through the eyes of a fifth  grader, the list is endless. But, with all the overwhelming effects by this modern technology, there is one relative use of these platforms in helping businesses across the globe.


Small and giant businesses in New Jersey are a great way to utilize and maximize the benefit that they can squeeze from social media in promoting their business and incorporating it in their marketing strategies.. We have compiled the 4 best social media platform in promoting businesses. These are the most trusted, and most utilized by businesses and are considered to be fail proof in free advertising and promotion.


1 Facebook

A whopping 800 million active users is the very obvious reason why Facebook is the first in our list. From the day it was launched in February 2004, Facebook has come a long way in providing social networking service. Creating an account on Facebook is free and easy. A business owner can create a personal account or a business page for promoting their business in New Jersey. Once the Page is up, Facebook users from across all around the globe can “Like”, and “Subscribe” to see the stuff that you post in your account.  It doesn’t stop there, you can even showcase your business to users that you do not have access to, if your fans “like” or “share” your posts. Facebook’s interface has many other facets that a business owner can take advantage of, a little research and familiarization will go a long way for.


2 Twitter

Born in March 2006, Twitter is the second best social media platform. It is estimated that this platform has over 300 million users world-wide. Tweeting is the language that runs in this platform and is considered as the “texting” in the cyber world because a “tweet” is always short, direct, and catchy. A single “tweet” is limited to 140 characters. A business owner can create his profile and start tweets in about his business in New Jersey for, promos and even contact info. Some business owners think that Twitter is a better platform in interacting with customers and audiences.


3 Instagram

This platform is all about visuals. Your business can take advantage of your Instagram followers by making sure catchy, and beautiful images are posted to boost your products or services. Hashtags (#) are placed before the start of a word and will serve as keywords that will lead you to more followers. Hashtags are clickable and will divert the user to a page with all the hash tagged word together. Short videos of about 30 seconds can also be posted. Businesses in the food, beauty, shopping, art, luxury, etc may find Instagram very useful.




4 LinkedIn

This platform is mostly used by business owners in New Jersey that are looking for employees and also in looking for an employer. Founded in 2002 and launched in 2004, it has now about 136 million users in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn is the mother of Business to business or B2B social networking site. A business owner, employee, or employer can take advantage of the approximate 870 thousand job listing, business profiles available in this site. LinkedIn showcases a business in a more professional and business like manner compared to other social media platforms.